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The Notebook that's a 
Step-By-Step Startup Guide

The Startup Daybook is your step-by-step business building guide for turning an idea into a repeatable and scalable business model in an accelerated amount of time.

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The Startup Daybook is currently in development.
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What is The Startup Daybook?

The Startup Daybook is a daily use notebook (think Moleskine with custom pages) that acts as your step-by-step business building guide for turning an idea into a repeatable and scalable business model in an accelerated amount of time.

Why Use The Startup Daybook?

Great ideas may come from epiphany, but building a successful startup doesn't simply fall into place. Having the ability to focus and systematically test your ideas and assumptions takes commitment, vision, and action. This is why we have developed the sections of The Startup Daybook to specifically help entrepreneurs do just that in an accelerated time frame.

How to use The Startup Daybook

Within this Daybook are the tools you need to build a business model, test your assumptions, and get feedback from customers. Utilize your Startup Daybook to record all of your ideas and strategize the steps you need to take to ensure you are making progress and building something that someone actually wants. More importantly, use it to share your ideas and celebrate your progress with your team, friends, and family. Their support can make the difference between success and letting your vision slip away.

Powerful and Versatile Sections.

With your Startup Daybook you can make lists, notes, diagrams, collect inspiring quotes and citations, paste in articles and references, sketch outlines, draft interfaces, create experiments, run customer interviews, and reflect on your progress along the way. 

Collect anything interesting because you don’t know what you will need, and when you will need it! 

With the StartupDaybook you will:

  • Map out the success you are striving for.
  • Define your most important goals.
  • Write down all of your ideas.
  • Keep a business plan.
  • Sketch drafts.
  • Plan out experiments and customer interviews.
  • Log your observations and reflections.
  • Track your key metrics.
  • Determine how you will spend your time.
  • Find motivation & inspiration.
  • Reflect on what worked and what didn't.

Having a hard time focusing on your goals?

The Startup Daybook was built for busy entrepreneurs and product managers that are looking to get things done and want to do that all in one place. 

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Sample Page Outlines

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"I've just begin building my startup, and this planner has really helped me not only plan out my app but plan out my life!  Beyond being more productive, my experiments and interviews were so on point I already converted 40 customers with my MVP."
  - Melissa R.